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Why is property styling and

furnishing important?

Giving your property the right look and feel through styling and furnishing will go a long way in winning guests. When done right, this will inject character into your property; enhancing its occupancy rate and increasing your returns.


However, styling an empty property can be a daunting task. Working with specialists in property management for short term rentals makes the whole process hassle-free, and that’s where

our in-house interior designers come in.

—  Mia Lundmyr CEO Lundmyr interiors

Furniture package

From €15 308

How does our property styling work?

1. Meet & Measure

We will meet you at your property, measure up and help to you choose the best furnishing option.

2. Style Concept

We will develop a unique concept to turn your property into an amazing short-term rental home.

3. Set Up

We will organise and set-up everything, no need for you to lift a finger.

4. Photography Ready

We will layer, style and add finishing touches to make your property picture perfect.



This fire blanket from Solstickan comes in a stylish steel box. At the back of the box there are clear instructions for use and a hole that allows you to hang it up on the wall.


One tip is to place the fire blanket centrally in the home to easily reach it.